Monday, October 26, 2009

Mini haul :)

My very first blog haul.. Yay! :)
So I was up in Newry this weekend (I live in Southern Ireland) and decided to grab a few things that I've heard about in the blogging world. Making a quick trip to Boots, I bought :
Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover

So far I have been using Nivea Visage Eye Makeup remover, which works quite well, but I decided it was time for a change (Also, Botanics was buy one get one half price ;) ) So I got two bottles of this stuff, and a review will be coming soon.

I also got Neutrogina Visibly Clear 2 in 1. It's both a face wash and mask.. Which is pretty cool I must say.

The thing is though, it somehow got lost in transit (That is, the 40 minute drive back down south) and I havn't seen hair nor tail of it since. I'm keeping my hopes up that it'll turn up soon :) And if it does I'll try and do a review on that too!

I was also hoping to make a trip to Superdrug (Love it!) while I was there, but to my dismay it closed earlier than I was expecting. For that reason this is all I got today *sniff*, apart from a cute top in A-wear and a pair of earrings.

Newry next weekend anyone?

Fallen Princesses

So the other day, as I was browsing the lovlieness that is the Internet, I stumbled accross this. It's done by a person called Dina Gooldstein and it places Princesses in modern life scenarios. As a lover of all that is Disney, this really made me realise that not everything is so happily ever after and it really brought out a kinda saddness in me.
Here's a few of the photo's



Have a look for yourselves, there's a few more :)
Damn I'm kinda depressed now.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hi there :)

Hi everyone

I'm Danielle. It's 20 past 11 on a Sunday night and I'm starting my first blog! Not too sure what it's gonna be about.. Mostly make up I'd say(: And just things that make me happy.

We'll see what happens (: